Keeping track of trees

A happy looking family, holding hands walking through a forest

The City’s tree inventory map now includes more information about the health of Guelph’s urban forest. Using GIS technology, the City captures tree inspections results in the map; the information is centralized and can be shared with several departments. This helps the City understand the overall health of Guelph’s urban forest, prioritize tree-related work and prevent tree hazards. More than 1,100 tree evaluations were completed in 2020, and the lessons learned will be applied to other forestry-related work to further streamline communication, reduce redundancy, and make it easier to protect and enhance Guelph’s urban forest.

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Additional 2020 highlights

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Water, waste and energy

Guelph is the largest community in Canada to rely almost completely on groundwater for our water supply. Compared to other cities near rivers or lakes, Guelph’s water supply takes longer to replenish, and is more vulnerable to overuse.

Water, waste and energy