History in the making

A doll made in the shape of COVID-19 virus that was donated to the museum
“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

-- George Santayana

While most of us were busy coping with the day-to-day challenges we faced in 2020, Guelph Museums have been taking steps to make sure we collect and preserve truths about how people are experiencing these historic moments.

The museum was quick to recognize we’re making history today, and worked to ensure that history is not lost or forgotten. The museum put out a call for documents, articles, artifacts and symbols showing what life is like in Guelph during a global pandemic, and how people in Guelph joined millions around the world marching in the streets in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Most people are looking forward to a day when COVID-19 is just a memory; a thing of the past.

We’re also taking steps so, someday, people won’t have to march in the streets for equality.

We learn important lessons during dark times and difficult conversations.

Documenting these historic times helps ensure future generations will understand and learn from the experiences we’re having right now.

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Additional 2020 highlights

Word cloud of diversity terms and phrases. The largest words are Community, love, scope, solidarity and one love

Anti-Racism and Equity

We can’t look back on 2020 without reflecting on the City’s efforts to confront systemic racism and take meaningful steps to improve diversity, inclusion and equity in the organization, and the community.

Anti-Racism and Equity
3 paramedics in personal protective equipment, including face shields and masks

Guelph’s response to COVID-19

Guelph’s Emergency Operations Control group convened leaders from Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health, Guelph General Hospital, Guelph Family Health Team and the City of Guelph, to ensure every possible resource could be deployed in response to the crisis.

Guelph’s response to COVID-19